Production Team

The current Now & Then Production Team consists of 7 team members:-

  • Director
  • Musical Director
  • Choreographer
  • Assistant Director
  • Stage Construction
  • Costume Mistress
  • Backstage Manager
  • Props

The other services we need such as lights and sound we contract out when needed.

Gavin Byrne


Gavin has been part of the Now and Then for more than 5 years. Our 2014 production is his first time has director of a Now and Then show, however he has written Now and Then shows previously, including A Gospel Line which he directed for us in 2015.  

Cara Davey

Musical Director

Cara is a young Irish Liturgical composer, musician and secondary school teacher from Tallaght. She has been working with and leading music groups for a number of years and is the resident composer of her parish St. Dominic's in Tallaght. Cara also leads workshops and classes teaching liturgical music and working to enhance youth music ministry.

Katy-Anna Copland


Katy-Anna began dancing at the age of 2 and has danced in productions around Ireland and the UK. After finishing school she began teaching drama with the Eva Coffey School of Speech and Communications and drama and dance with Encore School of Performing Arts. Katy-Anna joined the Now and Then in 2013 and has played roles such as the Tango Dancer in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Mary Magdelen in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Alan Foran

Assistant Director

Alan Foran is a long standing member of the Now and Then Production Company. Having starred in a number of productions including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, this is the first time he debuted his talents off stage in the role of assistant director

Shay Roche

Stage Construction

Shay has been building and dismantling stages for the Now and Then since the company formed and he has been a committee member since 2013.

Catherine Clayton

Costume Mistriss

Catherine has been making and managing the costumes for Now and Then Productions since 2014.

Richie Devine

Backstage Manager

Richie has been backstage manager since we reformed in 2013 and he has been a committee member since 2014.

Laura Devine

Props and Special Effects Make-up

Laura Devine has been making fantastic props for the Now and Then since our 2014 production of Jesus Christ Superstar.