Our Sponsors

Now and Then Productions rely heavily on the generous donations provided by our sponsors to support the ongoing operations and show production we stage annually. The Now and Then Productions Committee are deeply appreciative of the local businesses which offer us help in any form in our production endeavors. This help comes in many forms, including:-

  • Printing and office supplies
  • Marketing support
  • Space for rehearsal
  • Financial donations
  • Materials for costumes, stage building, props, make-up
  • Locations for fund raising events

We appreciate any sponsorship of any kind you have to offer and we believe in returning any good will which is provided to us. If there is something we can do for you – ask us!

In return for your support, you will receive a number of special benefits – and the knowledge that you are helping to foster the artistic growth in your community.

If you are interested in becoming an official sponsor of our Production company please do contact us directly on nowandthencompany@gmail.com.

Our current sponsors include the following local businesses and organisations:-

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Tallaght Leisure CentreTallaght



Civic TheatreCivic



TallaghtTallaght Community School.png

 Credit Union

 The Paper Clip Stationary Store

Electra Stage School


OBrien Ronayne






Graph Print

Tom Maher


Rollebon Press


Tallaght Community School





AIB Tallaght




BOI Tallaght



Sherry Fitz



Cheers off-license, Liffey Valley


Of Particular note Now and Then Productions would like to express our thanks to both Parish’s in which we operate. Each year St. Mary’s Priory has been incredibly accommodating in not only providing us facilities for rehearsals but in allowing us to build our stage in the main Church. For this accommodation we are very thankful, and we would like to express our sincere thanks the St. Mary’s Prior Fr. Donal Sweeney.
Check out their website:-

St. Mary’s Priory

Also of note we would like to express our thanks to St Maelruain’s Parish and in particular Canon William Deverell for the use of the St. Maelruain’s Chruch for orchestra rehearsals, and the Parish Centre for our meetings.
Check out their website:-

St. Maelruain’s Parish